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Rice Family
  • Boyd
    Meet Boyd Rice
  • Tarin & Katie
    Meet Tarin & Katie
  • Tatum & Kylie
    Meet Tatum & Kylie
  • Trea & Halee
    Meet Trea & Halee
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Cinch brand is known as the leader in premium clothing inspired by the attitude and values of the western lifestyle man: adventurous, competitive and confident. Always ensuring that its jeans are both fashionable and functional, the brand focuses on building high quality products, offering numerous styles and continuing to take risks on innovative designs.

Our consumers are independent, confident, and if you follow our athletes…crazy and fun. Join the franchise of loyal Cinch jeans customers and wear the brand that continues to be a leader in the western world. 


Boyd Rice Tarin Rice Tatum Rice 1 Boyd & CR Highlight Kylie Rice