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Rice Family
  • Boyd
    Meet Boyd Rice
  • Tarin & Katie
    Meet Tarin & Katie
  • Tatum & Kylie
    Meet Tatum & Kylie
  • Trea & Halee
    Meet Trea & Halee
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Classic Equine

Classic Equine manufactures and distributes quality tack, ropes, protective horse boots, saddles, saddle pads, cinches, bits, spurs, roping products and equine accessories for the serious competitor. They are by far the best quality roping and equine products in the western industry. It is Classis Equine’s goal to support every individual who strives to be the best at what they do with a horse. Members of the horse world share an unspoken bond. They come from different backgrounds and different places, but the one thing they share in common is the love of their horses and the satisfaction of getting to the pay window. Classic Equine vows to stay novel and always progressive, striving to constantly improve the products we offer, always working to help you accomplish your goals.


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